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Children’s Dentistry.

Children’s Dentist in Stephens City, VA

Because we’re a family dental practice, we’ll see patients of every age, including children. Our children’s dentistry is as thorough as our comprehensive adult dental care, with the addition of a gentle and fun approach that will help your son or daughter feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Our Stephens City Family Dentistry office is here for you and your family at every phase of life.

Helping Children Maintain Healthy Smiles

Children, just like adults, need to visit Stephens City Family Dentistry regularly. Kids are highly susceptible to cavities, and these regular dental visits can help dramatically reduce the odds of dental damage. During your child’s visits, we’ll introduce him or her to the dental office environment, helping to set your child’s mind at ease and lessening the odds that he or she will suffer from dental anxiety in the future. And we’ll show your child how to brush, floss, and otherwise care for his or her teeth and gums. These simple measures can make a big difference in your child’s lifelong oral health.

First Dental Checkups

Dr. Lim encourage you to bring your child in for his or her first children’s dentistry visit around the age of three. If you think your child can tolerate it, you can bring him or her in even earlier – as soon as their first baby tooth erupts. Baby teeth are vital for your child’s dental development, so it’s important that they begin receiving dental attention. When their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, we can use dental sealants and fluoride treatments to offer increased protection from decay.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a clear or white plastic liquid that is “painted” on to your children’s permanent molars. Sealants are most appropriate for these teeth because they are naturally more grooved and pitted. Therefore, molars are more susceptible to the tooth decay that can result from food particles they trap. Children are less likely to carefully brush these teeth, making them even more prone to dental problems. But with dental sealants, your children’s teeth have a physical barrier to help them battle decay-causing bacteria.

Fluoride Treatments

Likewise, fluoride treatments also help in the fight against decay. Fluoride is a mineral that has been proven to strengthen teeth’s enamel. In fact, fluoride is commonly added to drinking water to ensure that the general public ingests enough of this helpful mineral. With the popularity of bottled water, however, you and your children may not be ingesting enough fluoride. For children especially, this can be a threat to their oral health. That’s why the children’s dentists Stephens City Family Dentistry relies on offer fluoride treatments to help kids have strong teeth and happy smiles for years to come.

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