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Dental Cleaning & Exam

During your dental exam, our dentist does more than look for evidence of tooth decay. You can expect a visual inspection of your entire mouth for any signs of oral cancer, an indication that you may grind your teeth and symptoms of advanced gum disease. Our dentist is easy to talk to and passionate about preventative care. Please let us know if you are anxious about your visit; we understand that having any procedure, even an exam, can cause some individuals to feel uncomfortable. If you would like to schedule a cleaning and a comprehensive dental exam, call to (540) 869-2600 at the Stephens City Family Dentistry .

Dental Cleaning Procedure

Routine dental checkups typically consist of teeth cleaning. During teeth cleaning, Dr. Lim aims to remove tarter, plaque, and stains that have accumulated on the surface of the teeth. While daily brushing and flossing can significantly help to reduce tarter buildup, only a professional teeth cleaning session can maximize your oral hygiene health. Most dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. During your teeth cleaning session, here is what you can expect to happen.

  • Scaling
  • Polishing
  • Fluoride

Dental Exam

The American Dental Association recommends that adults schedule regular dental exams at intervals determined by a dentist.

Even if you no longer have your natural teeth, it’s important to consult your dentist for regular dental exams to maintain your oral health and the usefulness of your replacement teeth.

What you can expect

During a dental exam, Dr Lim or hygienist will:

  • Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene
  • Evaluate your risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease
  • Evaluate your need for tooth restoration or tooth replacement
  • Check your bite and jaw for problems
  • Remove any stains or deposits on your teeth
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques for your teeth or dentures
  • Assess your need for fluoride
  • Take dental X-rays or, if necessary, do other diagnostic procedures

During a dental exam, your dentist or hygienist will also ask about any health problems you have or medications you’re taking and discuss how they might affect your oral health. If you have diabetes, for example, you’re at increased risk of gum disease. Any medication that contributes to dry mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay. If arthritis interferes with your ability to effectively brush your teeth, your dentist or hygienist might show you how to insert the handle of your toothbrush into a rubber ball for easier use — or recommend a powered or electric toothbrush.

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